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Atlántida is a space made up of several worlds that are connected to each other, keeping memorable moments and spaces, filling the experience of living in the future with legendary magic.

The story tells us about the mythical city of Atlantis that, hidden by the ocean and oblivion, was once the birthplace of a supreme civilization, where culture, science and technology flourished. A city populated with riches and charms that planted in humanity the vision and hope of a perfect city.
A legend that resurfaces in time to develop the most disruptive concept in the Punta Cana area.

Punta Cana is, without a doubt, one of the most developed destinations in the Americas in recent years, thanks to an infrastructure that allows immediate interconnection to any destination in the world. It has its airport, tourist ports and all the services to live to the fullest. An active life surrounded by nature, close to the best beaches in the Caribbean and an extensive vegetation. An area charged with a cosmopolitan culture, with first class restaurants, shopping malls and spaces where nightlife offers you a new experience at the end of each day.

Atlántida has been conceived to generate a life experience to the fullest, exploring new forms, which allows you to enjoy the best of nature from a futuristic perspective.
Conquering new spaces and emotions, with social areas and swimming pools where your day-to-day life becomes a collection of special moments. You will have at your disposal, restaurants, various social areas to share with the family, as well as beautiful circular pools, which will change the way you enjoy life.

Atlántida was conceived as a space that generates experiences with two special areas, such as River Island, a residential project bordered by a slow concentric river, next to the Punta Cana Grand Arena, a hotel circuit in the center of which stands a theater style classic, ideal setting for the most spectacular festivals and concerts in the area.


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