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Tyler Ngo
Tyler Ngo



Tyler Ngo's Bio

Tyler Ngo was born in Vietnam and studied Business Management at Seneca College. He knew from a young age that he wanted to establish his own business and create something meaningful. With hard work and determination, Tyler became his own boss and managed his own company for many years, only recently realizing that a change was needed. So, to continue to evolve in his professional life, he decided to turn to real estate!

Even though he only discovered a passion for real estate later in his adult life, Tyler knew this was where he needed to go with his career and believes he has found his calling. Tyler was an investor at an early age and is knowledgeable in all the aspects of investments and their processes. His wealth of knowledge allows him to give his clients the most educated and ideal options for negotiating purchasing prices, saving them money and time overall! Owning his own business for the last decade is a major achievement in his life as he turned his dreams into a reality. But moving into real estate, he believes his past accomplishments have led him to his fulfilling career as a Broker. Seeing his clients smile after they have purchased their dream homeor investment property is what makes his job so gratifying. He cannot wait to see more smiles in the many years to come while growing with his team and creating exciting memories along the way!